Make a Living Training Dogs

How would you love to play with dogs all day and make a great living? Want to get paid $125 per hour to walk your dog? Learn to train dogs for a living and you with have limitless career possibilities waiting for you!

Students have been learning to train dogs at the Pet Career at Petropolis for over a decade! Our dog training courses are some of the most talked about training programs in the nation.  The pet care industry is steadily growing, despite the economy, and the demand for highly skilled dog trainers is constantly growing.  Start training dogs and do something that you love!

Rob Schenberg, the head Dog Training Academy Instructor, began working with dogs over 25 years ago.  He utilized canine services for security and surveillance work, and became a professional trainer and behavior analyst. Since 1990, Rob has been a Professional Trade School Program teacher,  instructor for AKC Obedience and educator for behavior modification. Rob is also a registered canine handler with the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration.

Learn to be a professional dog trainer, and love getting up and going to work! For more information about how to train dogs for a living, and to schedule a tour, call 636-898-5849 and ask for Roxanne today!